Spacekipz; an inside look

Michael is my unoriginal name, but on PlayStation Network, social media and emails I respond to the pseudonym Spacekipz. I’m blogging publicly because I’m interested in discussing subjects that other people, including myself, feel passionate about. Some of these passions are: video games, television shows, books, and music. Most of my writings will stem from the latter. I’m a college student pursuing a degree in English. It would be a thrill to work for Blizzard Entertainment as a video game story editor.

I graduated high school back in 2013 and began the college struggle that same year in the fall. I was a staff writer for my high school newspaper, The PawPrint. Most of my articles focused on arts and entertainment, specifically video games. I’m an antisocial person, but besides the writing, the most rewarding part of the job came from the responses of the readers. Walking down those dreadful hallways became a little less stressful when a student would walk up and express their interest in an article that you wrote. Never under estimate the power of solidarity in writing because it will always bring people together. I’m into a lot of classic literature, such as The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. F. Scott Fitzgerald has been one of my favorite authors since high school when I read The Great Gatsby. I love the turmoils and struggles that occur in his books and how relationships bloom or crumble because of character choices. I bonded with my previous roommate over The Picture of Dorian Gray and it was through this book that I discovered the beauty and horror that is hedonism. Unfortunately, it is a disease that many college students are afflicted with. My favorite movie is Beerfest (2006). My best friend and I first discovered the beauty that is this movie back in middle school and since high school it has become a necessity at parties and anything that usually involves alcohol. It’s hilarious and the comedy/film making team Broken Lizard, is worth looking up if you’re into Super Troopers (2001). My favorite show is Mad Men and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and both are featured on Netflix. Both shows pack a ton of good old fashioned debauchery that I find to be hilarious.

I’m really big into video games and punk music, which is essentially my bread and butter of writing. If any of the articles are of interest feel free to comment because the best part of blogging is finding a common interest with someone.

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  1. Charlotte · February 12, 2016

    You’re an English major, too? That’s so awesome. I am not really into video games, but the books you chose are amazing. Great taste. Also, punk is my favorite!

    Liked by 1 person

    • spacekipz · February 17, 2016

      Thank you. Punk rules and so does the local Gainesville scene 🙂


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