Drinking Schenanigans in Beerfest

Americans finally take a stand in the international drinking games in Beerfest (2006). 
The comedy group Broken Lizard is the main cast, and provides a ton of laughter for roughly two hours. After getting their asses kicked in a beer-game competition, two American brothers return to the homeland to assemble a team of brew-lovers to redeem themselves. If you decide to watch Beerfest, you must watch the unrated version because the best scenes are not in the original. The Broken Lizard group are also the masterminds behind Super Troopers (2001).


Barry Badrinath is the highlight of the movie and the most lovable character of all time. He’s the king of beer pong, he’s working under bridges (not as an architect) and he’s even taken a beer paddle up the ass. It’s no wonder the two brothers recruited this loyal brew-lover onto their team. The Wolfhouse brothers train for a year before the big drinking games, and they soon learn of their grandfather’s secret recipe. In Munich, relatives of Wolfhouse, the Wolfhausens, want to crush the American team, steal the recipe and claim the stellar brewery in Germany as their own.


It’s the best movie to watch with your friends, especially when drinking beer. There’s tons of laughable moments; like when Barry thinks he’s the coolest guy at the bar and promptly hits on women, when in reality he’s wearing a cardboard hat that reads “Asshole” on the top. Everyone has had a Barry Badrinath as a friend before. It’s a comedy about the number one drug that brings people together: beer. Grab some beer, preferably good beer, and watch this movie with your friends. The beer-game competition gets intense, especially with a challenge known as “Das Boot” which involves drinking a ton of beer in a glass shaped as a boot. If you ever consider drinking out of the boot, remember, turn it when it reaches the ankle or the bubble will cause it to spill on you.


WC: 327




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