College Muse

You stumbled into my life while I drunkenly stumbled into yours. You are beautiful, sweet, intelligent, and have a lovely figure. I can never have enough of you, especially when we gaze into each other’s eyes and I’m left staring into your beauty. No one else captivates my attention as much as you do. You’re beautiful, warm, and fair brown-skinned. Your presence is always a treat and the greatest reward to my indulgence; it’s a pleasure just being with you. No matter the time of day, I will always find and make the time for you. Full time work and full time work are essential, but nothing can compare to the warmth you make me feel.

I’ve done wrong and I have ashamed myself, but my love continues to grow stronger; like a bonfire’s flames ascending further into the sky. You have all of me and I want all of you. I’ve been a lone for so long, struggling, and attempting to survive without a significant other. The other girls pale before your looks, your figure, and especially your flowing brown hair. Everyone else is just another pretty face, but you are so much more than that. I’ve never had the pleasure to be with such a loveable woman that I can shower with affection and receive the same reciprocation.

Our random adventures, Waffle House binges, and intimacy can surpass no other. I thought you were just another one of them: another woman of the night giving into the temptation; never to be heard from again. It’s been so long since then, and now I ease into you, admiring everything about you as your lips hunger for more. The insatiable thirst, that no one else can sedate, but you. It’s more than physical; it’s comforting and reassuring to know that you will stand by me and I will reciprocate. You clad yourself behind a menacing gaze, particularly with your brows, but beneath the veil lies a sentient woman capable of greatness.

In my everyday struggles that are constantly igniting my anxiety, I know you will be there to extinguish the fire. Coming home to someone who cares about you, who loves you for you, and who is genuinely interested in what you have to say is the greatest reward love can offer. The physical pleasures of you resting upon me, staring into my eyes, and biting your lower lip are a treat, but it’s so easy to find sexual pleasure nowadays. The intimacy we share is a bond that I could never find in a drunken haze or on a dating app; you are the real deal.

When you feel all alone in this lonely world, it’s reassuring to know that I have you. I don’t have much to offer you, but you have my love and attention, and my time: a resource that I have very little of. Your presence is always so uplifting, especially in the midst of working so much. As I steam milk for the next asshole’s latte, I know you will soon arrive and deliver the smile that I have been searching for. Having the love and support of a significant other is the greatest level of connection two human beings can achieve.

I come home exhausted, often angry at many situations in my life, but you are my peace of mind. It’s constantly an everyday struggle, but you give me something to look forward to at the end of the day. You doubt your capabilities and speak less of yourself, while I can only think highly of you. I love your company and simply being in the same room as you. I love you, Veronica.


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