A Rookie’s Experience in Dark Souls 3

I boldly set forth into the hellish nightmare of Dark Souls 3 published by FromSoftware. I stumbled into this series a little too late, especially after witnessing my friends beat the previous two games. I’ve been told this game series is the toughest, the most intense, painstaking, and controller-throwing hell (for console users of course). So far I’ve only managed to beat three of the bosses, with some assistance from online players. The beauty and most annoying factor of this game is the ambiguity of it all. You literally start off with 0 clues as to what you are doing and what to expect. You pick a starting class, that really has no effect later in the game, and you boldly set forth with your weapon in hand- ready to die.


I started off with the cleric class, thinking that miracles would save my character from hard-hitting foes- I was wrong. It really doesn’t matter what class you choose because everything can branch off into other classes; it just gives you a little head start to your preference. The Souls series is essential to any dedicated RPG fan. It pushes your patience and dedication to the maximum and only hardcore fans of the genre will find the most satisfaction in this series of games.


I’ve only played a few hours of the game, but so far my guy is looking like a desert-wearing badass. He also has a giant machete axe that I enjoy slamming down upon my enemies. This game has everything for RPG lovers, especially the exploration aspect. Some fans have already beaten the game, which is a life achievement feat itself. There’s always items laying around to be picked up; and of course the enemies waiting to ambush you behind every corner.


Dark Souls 3 and it’s crazy level of difficulty is what makes this game so much fun. You’re going to want to scream occasionally,  but that satisfaction after beating a boss after the 100th attempt really is awarding. You feel your heart rate go down slightly. It’s great. It’s a rewarding game that just requires some time and effort.












WC: 352


One comment

  1. writtendifferently · April 21, 2016

    Wow. This game sounds really awesome! Is it an Xbox game? Or online? I’m not really a huge video game person, but something like this sounds really cool.


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