Sorcerer’s Tower

My robes are tattered and my feet ache with every step but a’las, I have arrived. The grand structure still stands, untouched by the elements. I approach the gates, trembling with fear, for it has been years since I returned.


A royal servant guides me through the threshold. A vibrant garden welcomes my presence, dispelling all of my anxieties. The garden is vast and filled with exotic specimens such as the Cow Trap plant. I watch as the botanists feed live cows, wolfs and reptiles to the plants. They were devoured whole. These exotics revealed massive tongues and serrated teeth, capable of filleting anything with flesh. We ventured through the garden, careful of our steps, until reaching a library filled with ancient tomes.


Books, saturated in magic soared above us, flapping their pages like wings. My curiosity controlled every thought and action as I read through the tomes and manuscripts amongst the massive bookshelves. The servant told me these shelves never reached the ceiling: there was no ceiling, so long as additional books filled the shelves. I looked above and saw the extraordinary- thousands of books that eventually diverge into the night sky. As I turned through the pages of a spell book, sparks of lightning and bursts of fire glided across the surface. Ancient tomes containing historical conflicts would make manifest once again in front of my eyes, displaying scenes from a forlorn battle.


A wooden door opened. The royal servant had vanished. The tome slipped out of my grasp and shut upon the floor. The historical battle that had been watching dispersed into arcane magic. A black-robed man appeared. There was an air of doubt about this fellow. With a snap of his fingers, the soaring books collapsed around us. He shook my hand, introducing himself as a sorcerer of the tower. The sorcerer was just a young man with bushy brows and a black beard but I sensed a great power within him.


Together we ascended the staircase beyond the wooden door. Servants ran past us carrying culinary marvels from across the globe. Dumplings, beef wellington and even steam Cow Plant filled the rooms above with an enticing aroma. No doubt we had made our way into the dining quarters of the tower. My stomach growled but I dismissed the thought. I did not trust this sorcerer.


I looked amongst the dining room, marveling at the sights. Portraits of ancient sorcerers covered the walls. A gleaming chandelier hung above the dining table. Hundreds of guests sat patiently waiting for the meals to arrive. Chefs came forth, setting a giant Cow Plant dish in the center of the table. I was repulsed, but the attendees delighted in its presence. The sorcerer chatted with his guests and complemented the chefs. More dishes arrived. Temptation for the mashed potatoes and filet mignon probed my stomach.


A large unattended balcony offered a respite from the crowd. I stepped out into the starry night, placing my hands upon the railing. I closed my eyes, envisioning a magnificent tower of my own. I would fill the quarters with royal subjects, enchanted tomes, filet mignons, and Cow Trap plants. Something touched my shoulder.


I turned around and saw nothing. The dining room was empty. The banquet of food was gone and the chandelier had smashed upon the ground, shattered. I walk back into the abandoned room and notice portraits of myself- a much younger self. A mirror covered in silken web rests upon the wall. I brush the webs off and peer into my reflection. The young sorcerer stares back at me, laughing. I look upon myself, realizing that I am the young sorcerer. Bound to my own domain for an eternity is my fate.